Sunday, May 17, 2009

1. Summer Dresses


Summer Dresses

The best time of year is almost here! Summer is near! And you know what that means? Summer dresses! Taylor Swift. Teen pop star of the hits "Teardrops on My Guitar", and "Love Story" just recently released her first clothing line of sundresses at Wal-mart. She does say that she knows she is no designer and states "In these hard times, making expensive dresses just doesn't make any sense." I'm totally with you on that! Swift's line includes fun summer dresses, all for less than $17. The line has two different styles of a dress - a tie back, and a one-tiered. Seen above is some dresses from Swift's line.
So, speaking of beautiful summer dresses, let's talk about some more expensive ones, and you can have the look for less. Now down below, I made a simple 4-item set on of an expensive summer outfit with summer dress.

Expensive : Summer Dresses
Expensive : Summer Dresses by Say yes to Juicy ♥
featuring Christian Louboutin Shoes
The set includes :
  • Marc by Marc Jacobs dress - $455.41 @
  • Christain Louboutin Heels - $500.95 @
  • Silver coloured small earrings - $98.67 @
  • Foley + Corinna fold over clutch in silver - $390.00 @

Total : $1,445.03 before taxes!

No one wants to pay that for a cute summer outfit with shoes, and MINIMUM of two accessories. That's without buying make-up and other accessories. Down below is the look for less.

Looks for less : Summer Dresses
Looks for less : Summer Dresses by Say yes to Juicy ♥
featuring Forever21 Clothing
This set includes:
  • Crochet Summer Dress - $24.80 @
  • Knotted Platforms - $29.99 @
  • Filigree Heart Earrings - $4.00 @
  • Gold Clutch - $19.98 @

Total : $78.77 before taxes!

That's less than $100 for a beautiful summer dress, heels, a clutch and earrings. You would save $1,366.27.

So, readers, which one do you like better? Personally, I would so take the save, although I do love me some Marc Jacobs.

Thanks for reading, loves!

xoxo, The Fashionista